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Joan Rivers vuelve a darle cera

Joan dice lo que otras no se atreven a decir. Si ella tiene que decir la verdad sobre la adúltera, lo hace y punto.

Por eso, vuelve a darle cera en lo referente a Rupert y su horrible aspecto. Todavía no nos hemos curado de la vergüenza ajena que sufrimos el domingo. Fue tan bochornoso que incluso su fandom empieza a abrir los ojos.

Los videos son gracias a mi compi Luisa que se molestó en grabarlos y compartirlos con nosotros :)

¡Poco le dicen! La pobre es el hazmerreír allí donde va. ¿Habéis escuchado bien? Si no te gusta la fama ni la atención, puedes usar la puerta trasera para entrar sin ser vista. Pero claro, la mamarracha "odio la fama" necesitaba ser vista y hacer el paripé de las muletas. Seguro que todo fue para dar pena y así desviar la atención de su más que merecido Razzie.

Lo de que su fandom empieza a abrir los ojos, lo digo por esto.
Confession: I’m breaking up with Kristen Stewart

Sigh. Oh, you guys. Kristen Stewart is such a sensitive topic around these parts (and other, related parts) that I’m going to make this short and sweet and then run for the hills.

My confession is this: I have been a Kristen apologist for a long time. I kept this to myself mostly because when it comes to the Stew, people have a tendency to break out into warring factions, and that’s not really my style.

Also, I am a feminist. THAT’S RIGHT IT’S NOT A BAD WORD. I don’t like tearing women down, and so I find myself getting a little defensive of any woman who gets a ton of crap thrown their way.

(Except you, Lindsay. You’re on your own by now.)

I guess my defense is that before Jennifer Lawrence came around, I thought Kristen Stewart was the closest thing we had to “real,” and I wanted to believe.

Until Sunday.

This Sunday was the final straw for me. Knowing friends texted me immediately as she hopped onstage to present, and the consensus was clear.

I felt embarrassed. There comes a point when you have to admit that you’re wrong; you can’t keep telling people/yourself that “she’s not really like” how every single public appearance suggests she is. If we love Jennifer Lawrence because of her interviews, we can’t claim that Kristen Stewart is somehow a different, magical person in private when no one sees her. Maybe she really is who she appears to be: a selfish, bratty stoner.

I know I’m largely preaching to the choir here, but I felt the need to announce our separation. I realized the Monday after the Oscars, when my boyfriend asked me, “so did we ever find out what the hell happened to KStew?” that I didn’t know. I didn’t even look into it. Because I didn’t care.
And that–indifference–is exactly what I’d think you’re trying to avoid, if you want a career in Hollywood. (Verdict is out on whether or not she actually wants this, as all evidence points to the contrary).

So there it is. Kristen, it’s not me–it’s you.
Gracias a I am Regina George. La fuente la conozco pero no la voy a poner, al igual que tampoco la puso ella. Si las enfermas no saben de dónde salió esto, se siente.

Los comentarios son siempre lo mejor. Hay varios más en los que las fans de la adúltera reconocen sentir vergüenza y admiten que necesita rehabilitación.
[The Oscars had several WTF moments, but Kstew’s pimp walk, clearing her throat and looking like she just returned from a weekend of marijuana mudbogging topped them all. The eye bags, the messy hair, the lack of spanx (yes skinny bitches need them too) - I was waiting for her to pull up her shirt and tummy-talk like Honey Boo Boo. Oh and she obviously has the personality of a broom. Truth be told, Stew never hung the moon and the stars for me, I often wondered what RP saw in her. But sometimes I’d surprise myself with rooting for her.

Stew, just because you are no longer the it girl and you don’t have an Oscar (or nomination even) does not give you permission to act like an asshole and disrespect all of Hollywood and all your fans. Grow the fuck up or GTFO.]

[Yep. Yep and yep. Like I said Sunday night: you can’t defend that. I’ve always liked her and defended her (quietly) as well. But grunting into the mic, scratching her head, doing her own makeup when she obviously looks that haggard? You can’t attend the Oscars and give no f*cks and expect people to think you do.]

[She seemed stoned or maybe she was hopped up on a bunch of pain pills for her injury…But another thought came to me was that maybe she faked the injury so the other celebrities would take pity on her for her injury and not the fact that she had no business being at the oscars...but in any matter - she was horrible, she was even more awkward then ever, missed her cue for her lines, and while her dress was pretty - it was the best thing about her, not too mention the nice thumb-print bruise accessory she had on her arm…How about a cool jacket to cover up the mark your drug dealer gave you hun??? While I enjoyed her on the Twilight movies - that ride has now come to an end.]

[I have said it before and I will stay it again. If she is SO unhappy acting and being the spot light, then quit. The Twilight franchise is finished now, so by all means go crawl under a rock and get a job where no one will give a flying hoot who you are. If she really wants to still work in Hollywood, then do something behind the scenes, but stop trying to make everyone feel sorry for you because you are famous now. That is just horse shit!

I have never been a big fan of hers, but it is irritating when you see other actors, like Jennifer Lawrence, who truly appears to appreciate the spot light she has stepped into and then see Kristen who is looks like her evening of watching Breaking Bad on Netflix all day in her sweat pants was interrupted by the fact she HAD to attend the Oscars. AAGGHHH!
Needless to say, I think you have hit the nail on the head and I couldn’t agree with you more. I am curious to see if her attitude at the Oscars will hurt her career? Maybe, that is what she was trying to do all along?]
Está echada a perder en todos los sentidos pero lo más visible es el físico. Tiene 22 años y en los últimos 3-4 años ha envejecido mucho. Mirad la prueba.

Y ahora es cuando las enfermas usan la excusa de: "estaba sufriendo dolor y los medicamentos la tenían así". ¿Dolor? ¿Qué dolor? ¿Hablamos del mismo "dolor" y la misma "cojera" que desapareció el martes por la mañana?

¿Aquí también sentía dolor? ¿Cuál era su mal ese día? Lo mismo y le extirparon el cerebro, de ahí ese repugnante aspecto.

imagebam.com imagebam.com

Hizo el ridículo y la mentira le ha durado poco. La gente está harta de escucharle quejarse sobre la fama. SI NO TE GUSTA LA FAMA, TE QUEDAS EN CASA Y TE DEDICAS A OTRA COSA. SI NO TE GUSTA LA FAMA, NOS VAS A LOS OSCARS Y MENOS CON MULETAS. SI NO TE GUSTA LA FAMA, DEJAS DE CONCEDER ENTREVISTAS CHORRAS.

"Estaba muy nerviosa sobre el escenario". SI HABLAR DELANTE DE LA GENTE TE PONE NERVIOSA, TE QUEDAS EN TU PUTA CASA. El problema es que a ella le encanta pero tiene que hacer el papelón de los nervios. A la mayoría nos pone nerviosos hacerlos pero nos aguantamos y los disimulamos. Todos hemos tenido que hablar en público y ninguno hacemos las tonterías que hace esta payasa.

Ya está bien de intentar de justificar lo injustificable. ¿Las enfermas no se dan cuenta que cada vez que la adúltera hace algo, tienen que salir ellas a crearles excusas. La cuestión es que ellas piensan que alguien se traga esos cuentos.

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